do you suffer from stage fright ? or gig flap as we prefer to call it…

If you have stage fright, it never goes if you have stage fright, it never goes away. But then I wonder: is the key to that magical performance because of the fear? ~Stevie Nicks

  so  mmmm lovely stage fright... if you get a bit of the curtain up wobble or gig flap 2 minutes of research will let you know you are not alone. It is even quite 'natural' with your body pumping adrenaline into your system as part of the classic fight or flight reaction to a "Dangerous" situation. not life threatening but flop fear can seem very major at the time. so if what Stevie Nicks says is true how do we live with it .

feel the fear and tell it to eff off 

7 practical suggestions 1 it's not all about you  know that the audience is  really doesn't care that much - chances are they won't notice or care  if you forget some lyrics. 2 Nail that performance - know your tune so well that it is embedded deep in your head and body, muscle memory rules, and just knowing that you have performed the tune dozens of times gives you that extra reassurance. 3 Have everything that can be in your control under your control  i.e. if there is an opportunity for a sound check -don't be late /have spare strings / a guitar tuner / a lead. you know the universal inverse (sods) law if you have those spare strings - you won't need them 4 cultivate a stage persona or alter ego go the Beyonce /Adele route and invent an alter ego Sasha fierce even got her own album ... 5  Harness the  Adrenaline this is my personal favourite - enjoy the buzz and rename the feeling Stage excitement - when you examine the physical symptoms they are very similar. .. slight nausea, skin tingle and difficulty concentrating ... Time base it - I will feel sick to my stomach till 4.45 and act like a complete wimp... then at 5 pm sharp I will become a rock legend and become impatient to unleash my mighty powers on the audience-  works like a dream for some people . 7 Then there is good old  / breathing /visulisation/beta blockers or hypnosis.check the breathing 6 breaths in 6 breaths out balanced breathing  calms you down in a magic style and nobody will notice. visualisation visualise the show going really well and see yourself singing and playing the piece perfectly and really enjoying your time on stage. hypnosis there is a free Pre gig nerves  5 min confidence booster download free mp3 here  ( it was recorded specially for smart musicians club by performance coach sarah collier) and bonus tip Stay away from anybody who is talking negatively or making you feel anxious- even if they are your nearest and dearest - Do not let anyone wind you up or harsh your buzz, specially just before you go on stage. You can always have to 'see  a man about a dog - or any other excuse you fancy..really good idea to find a quiet corner to centre yourself .  

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