Upbeat Music Charity

upbeat recording body percussion – video and sound from iphone 

This is Upbeats official info

Upbeat was established by mental health service users in 2006, in direct response to the needs of their community. The organization has since developed to embrace a wonderfully eclectic mix of musicians and performers that truly reflects the rich cultural history of Camden and the wider London area.

Upbeat supports recovery, facilitates new income opportunities and helps re-integrate working-aged adult individuals into their community through training, workshops, recording, mentoring, performances and social events. The charity uses music as its primary working medium enabling its clients to become involved in the design, delivery, management, review and development of Upbeat’s services. As the individuals’ sense of belonging to this musical community increases, it encourages motivation, personal responsibility and a meaningful sense of the use of their own time.

The skinny is

It is a fantastic organisation – with very talented members and supporters – love working with this group of people