Rik is using a Sadowsky Bass Preamp/DI






rik and jataneel

bass close

Warwick Rockbass Alien Fretless Acoustic Bass

Rik recording in the booth at Tigersonic studioRik Kentons new project is all about playing live ….

Each track on the e.p. will be based around Rik improvising with another musician

so for the first session with vocalist Jataneel Banerjee it was all about  the live room being  a relaxing and creative space.

I wanted to capture a very pure sound but also have enough seperation so Rik and I can have flexibility when we add to the track and specially when it comes to mixing.

Rik was behind a screen in the studio, I set him up with a dpa mic

I usually prefer the sound of a instrument miked up..

but in this case, I love the sound of the pick up of his bass via his mic pre (check the picture)

so I still have to choose which will make it through to the final cut.

Jatanil was at the far end of the room -using my trusty Octava 319 –

rik and jatanil_1904366325946417962_n

They both worked on headphones as there was  a drone and some beats to keep the vibe and also to provide a clck track.

The upside of using headphones  was that Jatanil  could perform with some reverb -..

what a lovely afternoon.

results here soon



BASS GALLERY CAMDENThis project began with a shoppng trip..

I went with Rik to try out several frettless basses at a boutique bass shop  The Bass Gallery

in Camden – a totally brilliant place.

Rik had already got some ideas about what kind of bass he was after, but also got some great input from owner Martin Peterson (who also makes his own line of bass guitars )


bass closeRik settled on the Warwick Rockbass Alien Fretless Acoustic Bass

Designed to sit somewhere  between the double bass and the electric bass. 

Even unplugged this bass has a great warm sound.

It also looks really interesting  with its  off-center asymmetric soundhole.

rik di box sadowsky

Rik is using a Sadowsky Bass Preamp/DI

bass in booth

Rik recording in the booth at Tigersonic studio