the swagger

The Swagger came in to record some demos    
They wanted to capture their kicking live sound    
so it was important for them  to record live as a band.


Singer Lee laid down guitar and guide vocals in the booth, and lead guitarist Paul and bass player Will recorded in the control room with me ..


willBass player Will recording in the control room


drummer Rogerio used my kick and toms then added his snare, hats plus 3 more toms and 5 cymbals..






photo Neil Barrie
photo Neil Barrie





paul swagger_n-e1446660910120



pedals the swagger      

Paul and his pedal board


12088195_10207536812154196_2411467766843789895_n     photo Neil Barrie


After The Swagger laid down the main tracks – Lee replaced his guide vocal

and we overdubbed some extra guitars