This is the 3rd track Olivia has recorded at Tigersonic.

She is making a series of music videos –

She is a trained clasical singer and is creating a hybrid sound /classical rock mashup.

Most of  the track was laid live with bass player Marcus and drummer Ollie giving it some in the live room.

with her arranger and collaborator David Harvey playing piano in the control rom alongside  Olivia singing a guide vocal and Guitarist Kit.

I then overdubbed a proper guitar track with kit moving into the live room and turning some amps up to 11.

Olivia recorded her final vocals in a seperate session and we are now mixing


this is the video Olivia made for one of the earlier tracks .

extra fact.. Olivia is a crack shot.

Parla Piu Piano (Speak Softly Love) the Theme from The Godfather performed by Olivia de Felice

Parla Piu Piano (Theme from The Godfather)- arr. David Harvey