belly dancing in the studio

  chloe belly dance session 

Producer Gilly Spencer and Dancer Chloe Wicks  came in with an interesting project.

Their plan was to record 4 musicians jamming to accompany Chloes dancing.

They had performed the piece at one of Pandoras house gigs and wanted to get a high quality recording of it.

The challenge was to set them all up in the live room .

I used a dpa blue tacked under Derrick Turners – Mandolin

This worked really well in terms of seperation and sound .

Gilly was using my track synth module – which was plumbed in via a D.I.

She was also monitoring via a small speaker in the room

We didn’t want the band to wear headphones as we wanted the session to mimic their performance and also to allow Chloe to dance without being hampered by cans.

I put 4 mics on Davids groovy stripped down kit.

Which included a hang drum , djembe and various lovely small cymbals and bells

Flute player Maya was seperated by a small screen

The day zipped past – lots of fun





2015-11-14 14.23.28

2015-11-14 14.23.38