An Alien Ate My Guitar – Daniel from Devil and Sons Guitars

The first time I met Daniel, he was recording at my studio as a guest guitarist with Squid and the Krakens
He played some very hot surf guitar on a guitar that not only featured eyeballs and an octopus arm but also had a trap door…. daniel trapdoor guitar

Daniel from Devil and Sons talking at Smart Mix

Turned out that he runs a very cool successful business making art guitars.
I invited him down to do a show and tell. check out his talk in the video.

In the longer version of the video, Daniel says that an anonymous German rockstar bought one of his “smashed up” guitars as a mindfuck for his guitar technician.

When I start gigging again seriously, I am going to save up and get Daniel to customise my bass.

At another Smart Mix, I was able to introduce Daniel to David Rainger.
David makes very interesting guitar effect pedals-  Rainger Fx

Their meeting and consequent  conversations led to Daniel incorporating a rainger Fx pedal into one of his designs –

You can see Daniel making the guitar  in the video here – (there are lots more great videos on Daniels you tube page ) the music on Daniel’s video is his cover band Second Line – recorded at Tigersonic.

If this all sounds a little like an in-in gang – come along to the Smart Mix

Making friends and connections is what networking is all about.

We would love you to come and be in, in with us x

From the Devil & Sons Guitars workshop: Building the Protoncaster Mk I