Squid and the Krakens

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Recording Squid and the Krakens “Caffeine Lover “e.p.

squid and the krakensSquid wanted a fully live recording.

To reflect the Krakens very vibey, live show.

I usually get a bit of separation by having some of the band in the control room, cosying up with me.

But Squid felt it would be better if they all played in the same room.

As Caro and Daniel were getting  a lot of cues by watching Squids hands on the keyboards, this made total sense.

So that’s what we did – and apart from a few vocal overdubs, this recording was pretty much live, and lots of fun to do .

Video is by Daniel Devilson who was guesting on guitar

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released February 29, 2016
Performed by: Squid (Main Vocals & Keyboard)
Daniel Devilson (Guitar)
Caro Sexyrubbersole (Drums & Backing Vocals)
Composer/Lyricist: Angelus Squid Marr
Except for the lyrics of “Early One Morning” (Traditional)
EP artwork: Squid