Why you should use evernote for your music notebook

Capturing Ideas and a great free App
It is so nice when inspiration strikes.BUT if you don’t immediately capture it,
then woosh it can just disappear, leaving you with that that horrible
I am sure I had a great idea- or did I ? feeling.You have a little something,
Some utterly captivating and original words.A catchy phrase or a poignant sentence
Or a melody idea that is so damn good ..

One moment, you are humming it,  and then you get distracted,
maybe by another tune creeping up on you, from a passing car radio and-
it’s game over, the idea is gone.

You realise there is no need, to keep worrying about what outfit you will be wearing to receive your Grammy.

I have musicians in the studio who do a fantastic take,
maybe not note perfect, but with a couple of inspired sparkling ideas in there.

They then insist “No i will do it again better, I will remember what I did ” (right !!) and they always say “don’t keep that take”

They then do a perfectly nice, and probably more accurate second take, but the bit of magic dust has disappeared.
I mostly just plain  ignore someone saying “don’t keep that take” and that ploy has has made me a lot of friends over the years.

We all know the famous story about the poet Coleridge, composing the whole of his famous and lovely poem “Kubla Khan”  in an opium induced dream.
When he woke up, he started to scribble it down as fast as he could until a  neighbour  from the local village Porlock.
“a person from porlock ” knocked on his door – and yup it was gone.

All we are left with, is a tantalizing first bit …

Anyway how do you keep hold of your ideas ?

I am hoping and guessing you sing and type into your phone and keep a note book on you at all times like Jarvis.

But it is also about filing those ideas so you can retrieve them when you are ready to develop them further.
I am  getting increasingly getting into using Evernote on line notebook –
you can

  • Write and store and tag notes, audio, keep lists (great for to do and  set lists)
  • Clip bits from the internet if you find something interesting
  • Share notes with other people great for collaborating and it
  • Syncs to computers, ipad and phone
Did I mention its free.Felix x
This link  gets you a free month of premium at Evernote but you can sign up to the free account – link above- for ever – work really wellWhat apps do you use for your music?-
please let me know so I can share any god tipoffsThis is the bit of Coleridge’s poem that he wrote down, before the door bell went .

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree :
Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless to man
Down to a sunless sea