Artist Closeup PandorasDiary

Smell the Roses

1 flute
1 Drum kit
1 Djembe
1 Guitar
1 Bass
1 highly skilled sound engineer
lots of lovely high quality Microphones
Protools HD
14 vocals
15 roses

368 words
extra ingredients
smell the roses8da6
Time: 2.5 days
and a  Studio, London (we used Tigersonic in North London)



1. Add all the instruments, main vocals  and mix thoroughly using expert hands of Felix Xfile
2. Organise a little recording party with the 13 vocalists
3. Shout, sing, harmonise, laugh and throw roses.

4. Mix thoroughly again. (See step 1).
5. Send to blacklisted mastering for final taste adjustment.
6. Go to for a taster menu.
7. Enjoy!

Mixing and recording by Felix Xfile at Tigersonic Studio, London
Flute by Maya Curry
All percussion by David Naylor
Lead vocals and guitar: Pandorasdiary
Additional vocals: Christie, Gilly Spencer, James Spencer, Annee Patrice, Anne-Sophie Berrayah, Yasmine Latkowski, Susana Sambade, Raoul Neumann, Ana Graca, David Naylor, Maya Curry, LoÏc Genest
Mastered by Black Listed Mastering

This is the second time I have recorded with Felix. I will always come back here to get a high quality recording. Also, she manages to get the balance between professionalism, supporting me and making me feel comfortable exactly right, in order to get great results.

I’m already planning my next recording there.