Borrow my Brain – music consultation / brainstorming sessions

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I get asked to brainstorm with artists all the time - they often ask to "pick my brain"
But there are only so many hours in the day
so if you want to

  • run some ideas past me
  • get some positive but Honest feedback on your music
  • talk to me about ideas for your music magic marketing
  • get some technical help
  • or just get some support and encouragement
  • book a BORROW MY BRAIN call - I am all yours


Borrow My Brain 60  min phone call

This is a one to one confidential phone conversation. Where you can talk through any angle of your project. And is a *Consultation and Brainstorm session not a coaching session. It will be a friendly, positive and upbeat call.
We can
  • Listen to some of your music.
  • Look at your online presence.
Talk about
  • Your marketing,
  • your social media presence,
  • your immediate plans. or anything else to do with your music plans

60 minute phone call £40.00

borrow my brain - market and brand your music consultation


My Beautiful Music Dream

This is a series of six  1 hour sessions to move your  music dream towards a music plan.

  • Do you have a clear path in mind?
  • Do you want to get more fans, gigs or downloads.
  • Do you want help to plan a recording or release strategy?
  • Do you feel you don't have enough time to make your music ?
  • Do you wish you had more confidence around your music ?
  • Do you wonder if you are too young or too old to do music?
  • Is something is holding you back, but you can't quite put your finger on what "it" is?
  • Are you getting in your own way ?
  • Do you need a safe space to think out loud about your musical path?
  • Do you need some help and support and positive feedback?

Expect this to be a series of  positive, practical and energising sessions.

We will work together to map out some practical steps and tactics to move you forward.

sessions can be by phone or skypepure coach academy graduate

6 x 1 hour coaching and mentoring calls

investment of £270


180 Roadmap and Planning session

This is a 3 hour face to face session to really get to grips with where you are at musically

This package includes  2 x 45 minute phone calls after the session  to make sure you are keeping on track.

This is an opportunity to really look at what you want from your music.

To examine in depth what your  big dream is ...where you want to be heading ...

And the best way to get you on the road towards it ..

This is also a space to have a confidential conversation about some of your plans and what may or not be holding you back.

Expect a positive practical and energising session .

We will work together to map out some practical steps and tactics to move you forward.

This session can also be helpful  if  feel daunted by the whole "social media " thing and aren't sure what, why ,or where you should be online ...and what you would say when you got there ..


The 3 hour face to face session will be followed up by 2 x 45 minute phone calls  to make sure you are keeping on track.

*Consultation/Brainstorming is about the two of us talking through your ideas and working out some strategys.

Where I can be useful I will give you my ideas, input and advice -


3 hour session 180 session and 2 x 45 minute follow up calls

investment £200