Creative Spark  programme

Light the Touch paper and Stand Well Back !

A  6 week adventure  to Refresh, Reboot or Kickstart your Creative Flow.

We all seem to have got obsessed with selling and marketing our music rather than making art. This is all about you, your music and your creative flow.

The Creative Spark pilot is ideal for you, if

  • You haven’t done any music for a while.
  •  You have been busy, or you’ve got stuck, and your music has got put on hold …
  • Your MOJO has gone missing,or like so many people you feel you’ve lost your inspiration.

This six weeks will help you regenerate, and find yourself, and get you firing on all cylinders.  Turn yourself back into a rocket , not a damp squib.

Remind yourself why you made music in the first place – cos you xxxking love it …

It is also for you

  • If you have always wanted to make more of your Music
  • You are a secret musician or songwriter (maybe you cant even dare to call yourself that …. yet )
  • You would love to record some of your material or even finish one tune….

Use the six weeks to explore your creative music making, with encouragement and accountability.

Together we will examine the  Quickest way to get your creative juices flowing.

How you can get out of your own way.

Make a plan to keep you going once you start .

some details about how it works ..

Creative Spark  starts with an energising, friendly and positive face-to-face session to work out a painless way of getting you back in the air, on your creative flightpath;

Back-up includes regular check in calls, to find out how you are doing and if the plan is working.

2 x 2 hour studio session This is time to try out, capture and experiment with some of your ideas.

With as much or as little support as you want.
The recording sessions are short, so don’t expect to achieve  a polished end product
But they are great way of getting back in the studio if you are a seasoned musicians or a great taster if you are new to recording. You will have lots of support and it will definitely be an enjoyable experience.

spark me up

Investment £275

If you feel that you would like to take part in this creative journey with me, and would like a quick chat to see how it could work for you, or ask any questions.

Book a quick call below –  There is no obligation to go ahead with booking if it is not right for you.

I do not try to persuade or sell  people into working with me!

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