interview with promoter Lorraine Solomons

I was very pleased to interview  Lorraine Solomons of Express Success Music

Loraine  is a highly thought of independent promoter ,

recently she has been programming at the The Water Rats at Kings X

and has re established this iconic venue as somewhere that all bands want to play.

She also puts on bands at venues like gigs at The World’s End (Finsbury Park), Kensington Roof Gardens, Proud Camden, 93 Feet East, 229 The Venue, St James Studios, The Boileroom,  Ice Bar Piccadilly, Distillers

She is part of the “fair” promoter movement hates and despises pay to play and is passionate about supporting her artists

Her company mission statement is

Success Express Music is a platform for supporting emerging artists and bands from early shows to UK Tours.  We are passionate about amazing talent and offering them a realistic process to move forwards via live shows, online events, blogs and masterclasses.  Our focus is to help them learn the skills alongside others making their way right now in realtime,  develop as rounded artists and build both the physical and online following needed today to attract the relevant industry interest and investment needed for commercial success

to see some of Lorraines top tips for bands click here

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or even better, go and checkout one of her shows

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