LIFTOFF – 10 weeks to Launch

COUNTDOWN    are you finally going to make your ep* this year ?

how would it feel if you had some help and support throughout the whole process?

  •         help you get clear about what you want and need to do to make the recording the very best you can
  •         work out which of your songs would best represent you and standalone as a coherent collection in their own right
  •         someone who would expect the best from you and for you
  •        see you in your best light
  •         help with setting and hitting targets and timelines

*ep= extended play. In the United Kingdom, the Official Chart Company defines a boundary between EP and album classification at max 25 minutes of length or four to six tracks

As modern diy musicians, we know we have to make the very highest quality music to stand out in the noise…

… we are also told to

  •  have a story
  •  build our tribe
  •  create extra content

…but there is not a lot of practical support around that –

During the 10 week ep liftoff, we will keep our eye firmly fixed on the prize: the ep itself and how to address these areas in an authentic natural way.


why this is not like hiring a music “coach”

coaches often give you extra work while you figure everything out by yourself

in fact it is their job not to give you guidance

I will work with you as a producer** in the classic sense of the word to support you reach your artistic vision and as a mentor*** by supporting and guiding you as an artist while actually getting the work done

description of producer role from production advice website

project manager’ for the recording, mixing and mastering process.

** PRODUCER: “She has an overall vision for the music, the sound and the goals of the project, and brings a unique perspective to inspire, assist and sometimes provoke the artists.

The producer should make the record more than the sum of it’s parts – you could almost say she is trying to create musical alchemy.” [Ian Shepherd]

 ***MENTOR “A mentor supports the learning, development and ultimate success of another person” [Julie Starr, author]


  •  how to really define your artist persona
  •  organise the recording sessions to get the most out of your sessions
  •  which aggregator would suit you
  •  which is best for you? digital or cd?
  •  where could you think about getting airplay
  •  Who is your tribe and how to let your tribe know what is coming
  •  help you to generate some interesting pre launch material for your social channels as we work

CHECKLISTS to make sure you are on track with organizing all of the other elements that are involved in making an ep

  • are you a member of PRS etc
  • have you got your PPL membership and IRSC sorted?
  • Who is doing your artwork?
  • and  a ready made  “soft launch event”  to celebrate the unveiling of your ep
  • if you need to hire in extra musician or programmers i can help hook you up
  • and then support you to manage and communicate with the players in the studio.
  • provide a friendly non critical ear to support you throughout the project
  • provide a friendly professional ear keeping quality control on your project
  • a voice to cheer you on and
  • a  timeline and deadline to  make sure the momentum and excitement is kept up
  • to help you achieve your goals:

a body of work or E.P.

more clarity regarding your tribe, music and social media

a soft launch event at tigersonic studio  ( a 10 or 15 minute live performance  at the microgig at the  monthly smart mix event  )

The soft launch would be a live performance by you (or listening party – whichever suits you )

DETAIL this is a fun, intensive ten week process.

The 10 sessions includes:

  • a pre planning session
  • 8 x 4 hour studio sessions
  • a planning session at the end of the 10
  • a launch event to be held at the studio
  • simple video of one of the songs in your performance for you youtube channel (or some footage of you in the studio )
  • brainstorm ideas or any other help I can give

EUSTON we have Liftoff

10 Some things we will cover is your Pre planning session

what do you need to get in place

what do you need to do to get ready ?

what tracks should you include ?

what is the overall mood ?

what is the ep for?

who is the ep for?


9 pre-production recording session making sure everything is in place

start listening and recording rough versions of the tracks to see what order and shape they are in

8 recording session

are we on track call 1-  (30 minutes)

7 recording session 2

6 recording session 3

are we on track call – 2  (30 minutes)

5 recording session 4

4 recording session 6

are we on track call 3-  (30 minutes)

3 recording session 7

are we on track call 4-  (30 minutes)

2 mix session 1

1 mix session 2


Your ep / or 3 songs  is finished –

a performance the micro gig  at tigersonic Studio smart mix event 6-8.30 at the end of the month time TBC

with a core audience of supportive members of the smart musician community you can also invite 6 guests

or support and brain storming around organising your own event



1 final where next? session: face to face 2 hours

2 x extra 30 minute calls to be used when needed during the 10 week intensive (see above for example)


We are a band. does this work for us?

Yes this is suitable for a band

I am a complete beginner, is this for me

No, i would suggest you do one of the other packages as this is for someone who has material ready

I don’t want to play live at an event but it could be good to have some kind of launch?

We can arrange a listening party and celebration

I want to have a private launch event for  25 members for my friends and family- can I?

Yes this is possible, but there is a cost involved in this

Do you offer a payment plan?

yes ofcourse there is a 3 pay available

I am interested, but not sure whether this is for me?

book a call to talk it through – I will not try and persuade you as I only work with people I know are a fit

How much time will this take? Will there be “homework” etc.?

yes there will be homework !!

Investment £1477.00


  • mastering – I always recommend chris mccormack at blacklisted mastering
  • cd manufacturing – although i can provide 10 copies of your ep on cd

what i can’t do – I cant make  a complete beginner sound pro – i could help you as a fledgling writer or performer record 2-3 songs to a much higher standard than you would expect

what i won’t do – Take on someone I feel wouldn’t benefit from this – I am not in the business of pulling the wool over someone’s eyes –

If i feel this wouldn’t be a good investment of time and money for you i won’t accept you on this scheme

– you would be able to sing and either accompany yourself or have at least one core supporting musicians involved – other musicians can be hired if need on an adhoc basis

If you are wondering if you are not quite ready for this yet – book a call to talk it through and check out my other recording mentoring packages here

ACT NOW I AM ONLY OFFERING 5 slots max for Lift off in 2017

book a call to see if this would work for you and your project

felix x