NO GEEK SPEAK – help for technophobes


A lot of people tell me they are “techno-phobes”

This usually means that at some point in their music life –
someone has made them feel stupid that they didn’t know how to do something, plug something in or what something was called…

How are you supposed to know something that no-one has ever explained or explained in straight forward, no frills English.

Contact m#studio #welovebaas #tigersonice if there is something you would like me to help with, or break down for you.
We can normally sort this out in a quick call.

In the rare case that I don’t know …

I guarantee if I dont know,  I will tell you that “I don’t know ” and either pass you on to someone who does – or go and find out xxx

Techno phobe call at £25 for 30 mins skype or phone#nogeekspeak @tigersonic_studio underground studio for underground bands

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