Tigersonic Services


Recording for bands
If you want to record as a band, we have the space and experience to get you a great sound
Drumkit and Amps available at no extra cost.   click here for more info, rates and availability


Recording for solo artists
We work with lots of solo artists - this includes you if you are an acoustic singer songwriter, or a fully fledged electronic artist.
We can put you in touch with other musicians if you need to hire in some players   click here for more info, rates and availability


Video for musicians 
Yes you do need to be on you tube. So get a simple well lit, great sounding video.
or Shoot a short video interview for your E.P.K.

Simple live performance or mime to previously recorded track. click here for more info


Artist Consultation  Get some feedback on your project, discuss your direction,  future plans and marketing ideas.
If you need some help or advice, or simply want to talk about your music direction checkout these services

Mentoring and Creative Coaching Try one of the new, exciting bespoke, mentoring and recording  programmes

Branding and Social Media Presence 
We can help with your general branding advise you how to get the most out of your social media platforms

or even get you up and running on twitter.... checkout these services


Video for business
Simple videos shot against a white background - and edited quick friendly and affordable click here for more info

Professional edited voice recordings  for  film, podcast, meditation tapes. click here for more info