SMART Musicians Development Programme

SMART MUSICIANS  Development Programme

If you don’t invest in yourself, why should anyone else?

a game-changing  programme for modern musicians

the smart musicans programme has run successfully 8 times –

it is currently in a new development phase, and the new version will be unleashed soon ..

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EVER Wonder …

How to market your music without feeling pushy?

How to describe your sound ?

Going into the Smart Musician course as a giant skeptic, I gained everything. Support, advice, clarity and friends – I would recommend to anyone who is passionate about making music and performing in the city – Thursday evening very quickly became the highlight of my week. 

Thanks Felix!!  phoebe osborne


The SMC was a fantastic thing to experience. It was nice to work with a group of really talented people and see other people have the same queries etc that I do, and the support and advice from Felix is really amazing. Its not a magic wand. It definitely helps with looking at foundations, what you’ve got, what you’re doing, and where you want get to. One of the best things I’ve done for ages. 
tony groover

  I would definitely recommend everyone who is thinking of having music play a large role in their life to do the Artist Development Programme. I enrolled onto the course without really knowing what to expect. Now, having completed the course, I am a different person in that I have grown musically, emotionally and personally. I have learnt to prioritise music as a way of life and to be bold in taking this stand. Through doing small, focused, attainable and meaningful tasks, I know that the larger goal is easily within reach. The  programme gave a new lease of life to my music, what I thought of my music, and what I thought of myself

Adeline Addruse aka meet George Brown

Within six months of finishing the Smart Artist’s Development program I released my debut single at a full-to-bursting launch event (which I also organised). What the programme really gave me was the knowledge and skills to pursue music on my own terms, in my own way, and the support to make my goals actually happen. Since I finished, as well as releasing my single I have made an official music video, been on tour and set up a promotions company that puts alternative acts on in alternative venues – and I even met my promotions business partner through the course!”

Hazel Jane Maclaurin

‘The course was a great inspiration. 
It helped me get a clear vision of my personal way as an artist and to define my goals.

Our weekly meet-ups were full of creative planning and discussions –

I always had a clear idea which steps to take next. Felix created a warm atmosphere where everyone had the chance to explore their own strengths and skills. 

I would do it again!’

Lisa Schumann, Electronic Folk Artist (


‘I faffed and faffed about joining – money, time, what’s the point? Then I did it and the plug was in the wall… Support, energy, laughter and a master plan for a one-woman show I never imagined by myself!’

Carmel Morrissey, Performer/Director/Writer

· Practical marketing know-how, not just the why and what

· Tailored advice about which online platforms are best for you, why, and what you should be saying on them. Seems obvious, but…

· Help to identify and focus on your audience/niche and find your authentic place to be

· Encouragement to look at your image in a non-judgemental way

So if you’re serious about music and ready to work to achieve your musical goals, why not become a SMART ARTIST?

If you’d like to discuss whether the programme is right for you, just text me on 07903 188743 and we’ll arrange a time to talk.

 I would without reservation recommend the Artist Development course presided over by Felix. The course gives plenty of positive reinforcement and within a short space of time you are made to encourage yourself as well as the other participants. Specific goal setting is honed and skill sets are established, including neglected or banished ones.Judy Abraham

‘The group had a multi-layered impact on me. On one hand you get more confident as you get specific feedback, support and encouragement from other group members who really know their stuff (but maybe don’t realise it!), then there’s the supportive but disciplined no-nonsense approach of facilitator Felix. Some exercises we did were very practical, really preparing you to be in control of what you do, say and agree to as a musician.’

Mina Sassoon, Multi-instrumentalist Singer Songwriter

“The beauty is you’re given the tools and encouragement to turn them into reality.’

Gilly Spencer

‘I got so much support and learning from your Mastermind workshops. It was just what I needed and came at the right time to steer me in the right direction.’

Annee Patrice, Singer Songwriter\



I also provide advice and support on an individual basis for male or female musicians through the

INDIVIDUAL SMART ARTIST Development Programme.

This course runs as four consultation sessions over eight weeks delivered via Skype or face-to-face. Please email me for details at

‘My music has developed and expanded in unexpected but very exciting ways over the past few months, largely through Felix’s input and insight. She has a compelling way of making you feel your development as an artist is as vital to her as it is to you. With the two of you pulling together you can – and will –achieve anything you set your sights on!’

Mandy Woods, Singer Songwriter ( |