Smart Musicians Acceleration Plan

Do you wonder if you will ever

  • record your e.p.
  • finish those tracks
  • get something up on your soundcloud

maybe you are firing on all cylinders

and just want a hand keeping your momentum going

  • get your online presence kicking
  • have a friendly impartial ear to run things over with
  • move even faster and smoother

This 8 week programme will help you get from “Here” to “There”, Only Quicker.

This is a bespoke plan  -no artists are the same

We will work out what would be most useful for you …

So if you feeling a bit stuck with your music or

would you just like to Speed It up …..

Do you need some help planning your social media strategy?

  • what to do with the tracks once they are recorded ?
  • which songs you should record first?
  • do you need some encouragement, support, and accountability ?
  • Help with finding time to actually make your music

Smart Musicians Acceleration Plan will get you  stepping up, speeding up and gaining  momentum, making  you unstoppable

it includes a

  • planning session to work out Where “There” is for you

and the best way to get you there without stalling, or going the wrong way.

  • 3 x 3 hours “short and sweet ” recording sessions, to actually record your music.
  • 4 x pitstop support, encouragement calls to make sure you are on track.
  • homework, regular checkins and concrete planning

Practical – Useful and Fun and designed specially for you.

Investment is £447.00 with a 2 pay option available

if you think this might be for you – ACT NOW

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