Smash Up The Clocks

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smash up the clocks – soft launch

Leonheart flew in from Munich where a she is currently working an installation. to play at the smart mix, monthly networking for musicians at the studio. beer and chat and a microgig

we thought this was a good opportunity to show some of the art work and give a sneak preview of the video.

BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson on 6 musicwe also got the great news that the track had been selected for top 5 faves on fresh on the net.

Leon Heart‘s new track Smash Up The Clocks was a popular choice this week!

The dark synth intro sets the mood immediately. A hugely present lead vocal kicks off the verse with acoustic guitar in the background. As every musical layer is introduced, the dynamics increase. The lyric “The tender tick tock has got my life in its noose” expresses how life is too controlling and fights against that almost mechanical, regimented drumbeat that is life. It’s a powerful message overall, with a strong backbeat to go with it.

Sharon Pearce

we were very proud to be played on Tom Robinson Saturday night live show  on radio 6 and deXter bently’s Hellogoodbye show on Resonance FM

Here is her Leoncia’s take on the launch

‘made it London and to the soft launch of Smash Up the Clocks. I’m really glad to say it was OK. It was more than that it was freakin tremendous*


picture courtesy of fellow musician & all round hero Pete Bennet

Never done this before but it felt good. The soft launch of #smashuptheclocks went like clockwork..the live room at tigersonic studio was full of interesting folk,  producer Felix sorting live sound and on vj duties. The control room was transformed into a gallery space with my artwork providing a visual backdrop to the conversations of musicians and artists, the atmosphere was charged with excitement that comes when new people meet each for the first time and when friends connect again! Beer, wine & water flowed!
Then I performed..solo..a couple of tunes..complete with VJ and followed by Felix’s directed image piece for #smashuptheclocks! which went down pretty well if I don’t say so meself….

Leonheart – Smash up the clocks
The tune reverberates with anarchic sublimated anger that calls us to take time back melding into a heavy bass driven groove, hints of dub, drum and bass with Leoncia’s guitar setting the clockwork pulse of this dark electro-beat scape.

In the 1820s and 30s British factory workers smashed up the newly
installed factory clocks. They were objecting to their lives being taken over,
reduced and owned by the factory owners and their capitalist commerce tick tock.
This song is about breaking that cycle, applying the breaks,
creating and reclaiming space and time. Leoncia Flynn

smashing up clocks has never seemed such a good idea…

leo-lightsLeonHeart aka Leoncia Flynn is a singer, musician and artist based in Munich, Germany. Musically she has kept diverse company with collaborators from Jazz, hardcore punk, metal to soul and more sample-driven, synth/electronic music.

Smash up the clocks, is a collobaration with electro dub producer, bass player  Tigersonic.

 the release includes a multilayered effect driven lofi video directed and edited by Tigersonic with additional footage by leoncia shot in munich.

heArt work

To accompany the release, LeonheArt has created some exclusive collashes


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including the countdown collection
Release date October 30th – the day the clocks go back @leonheartmusic  New collaboration coming in 11 days #smashuptheclocks is a song, vid & art works inspired around #factoryworkers revolt in 1820s/30s #britain. Workers were infuriated by newly installed clocks that increased factory
owners’ surveillance & control, regulating their #workingday, their #lives. This is part of #leonheartmusic ongoing art project/theme around #creating #finding #timeout #timeoff from the creeping insidious commercialisation of everyday life. #moodelevationmusic #bandcamp #reclaim #ourtime

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available as a free download smash-up-the-clocks-cover

exclusively on bandcamp or on 30th October x