Tigersonic Tracks

felix xfile and bassHi how nice to see you -Thanks for popping over to check out some of my music

Whats with the  Xfile monicker  ? 

I don’t  use  Xfile as my production name these days but it came about  because it is a anagram of Felix.  I do love sci-fi but the TV  series is pants, lets face it, so it isn’t anything to do with Fox or Dana Scully.

Any New Music on the Horizon ?

Funny you should ask – yes I have some tunes bubbling up right now, and will post them soon.

Are you working with other  artists ?

I love to collaborate and have some really nice collaborative tracks on the boil, as well as some productions I am doing for other artists including exciting projects with tribalsoul artist Adjoa Akoma and vintage bass player Rik Kenton (Roxy Music)

My latest collaboration production is with artist /musician  Leonheart  and is an electrodub version of her gorgeous tune Smash Up the Clocks is being supported by Tom Robinson Radio 6

past work includes remixes General levy/Genetic drugz/Asian dub foudation/Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan –
collaborations  most notably with tabla don Aref Durvesh our tracks got radio 1 plays and used by mtv and channel 4 – He was also in my unband – Xkollective.

arefAref Durvesh + Xfile Rational Exuberance

I had a long term collaboration with tabla don Aref Durvesh – he used to bowl over to my studio, drink copious cups of tea, gossip and jam on tracks I had put together … I also got him involved with a load of other stuff I was working on A lot of the tracks we did together got radio play and have been used on documentarys and other soundtracks. Aref is a complete star and a lovely geezer to boot…

Pandora from Nil By mouth Pandora from Nil By mouth
I met France when she came to a music workshop I was running in Deptford (long time ago) I met France when she came to a music workshop I was running in Deptford (long time ago)

She was in my band for a while – a crazy 9 piece called Control Group.

The original track was an instrumental i had written for an experimental video – France took it away and wrote this beautiful tune

sadly we had stopped talking when we recorded this, producer Spyder Johnson recorded us separately in his fantatic 16 track studio in a tower block in clapton – and later when France got a part in the movie they used this tune in the scene where Kathy Burke dances with her mum …

vu-photo coco das I did a couple of years in Visionary Underground and pulled a huge number of all night studio sessions. It was an interesting project as it was started by vj and visual artist Coco Das so the visual aspect was always a major part. vu-photo coco das

Candid Unleashed

Candid Unleashed was a collaboration between myself and rock Diva Danielle Harvey – We met at a music network event and when we found out her company was Tyga honey and mine Tigersonic we decided on the spot that we were going to work on a track together ( we were a bit drunk) but then she left London for the Jungle – so the project turned into a long distance thing … We ended up going for a digital musical postcard idea and enlisted David Beazer a fantastic percussionist and photographer based in Cornwall to be involved in the project We each recorded our parts separately (luckily all 3 of us have studios ) and filmed ourselves – I then edited the footage and mixed the track


Sonic Devis was a collaboration between me and Soo Shi aka Tominaga

We did a series of remixes for Navras records as well as some original material – I loved this project

SixIsTheNewFour from Sonic Devis .



my first full blown album – I worked with lots of collaborators – xfile and kollective Radio Electric Flowers supported by Bobby Friction and Nihal’s Radio One show, Pathaan and Friction on BBC Asian Network, Bazna and Genetic DruGs berlin based radio show Cyberjam. Reviews: ‘Electric Flowers’ gets a strong 8 out of 10!!!! Desitunes4u The vocals are soulful and with lyrics like: “I’m free, I’m beautiful, I’m chic” you can’t help but feel optimistic Xtaster XKollective’s Electric Flowers is a surprisingly good and unexpected range of funky and mesmerizing tracks that can work as a daily soundtrack– whether you’re at home relaxing or out on the town.Evolution of Media