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Hypnotic MP3 to help with pre-gig nerves

Pre gig nerves ? 5 min confidence booster MP3 so you feel totally relaxed on stage.

Specially recorded by top coach Sarah Collier for #smart musicians

Hypnotic MP3 to help with pre-gig nerves


this is a handy PDF version of the 4Dont shoot the sound engineer - and other useful tips 

Some great tips for getting the best from your recording session

I want these recording studio tips ..


51X1KXFlx0L._SL125_a list of some books I think might be useful




How To Send Me Music           A brilliant guide to how to send your music to djs and other gate keepers go here



Caroline Bottomley from Radar runs through a timeline for promoting an independent single release.

Setting a marketing budget of £5000  read the article here

Social Media Image Sizing Cheat  sheet  see it here

Pic Monkey - Easy photo editing and lots more - Also free and friendly  Check it here



10  top tips for the savvy studio singer Tips for singers in the studio

  some useful, some obvious - all worth checking

I want these tips for singers ..


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