Live performance videos –
Your performance is captured to camera and recorded in protools at the same time
This means we can get a nice polished soundtrack to go with the visuals
Performers often do a couple of takes of the same song and then choose their favourite .

We then

  • mix and sweeten the audio
  • Top and tail the video and add any text that you want
  • Compress the video ready for your youtube channel
  • We can upload it for you or deliver on to a hard drive   (you would provide the drive )

3 hour slot suitable for 1 songs £120
Youtube is one of the most important places that you should have a presence.
Artist often upload dark, badly shot footage where the sound is recorded directly on to the camera
although this can be nice for a “live vibe” –
it is a really good idea to have some flattering footage both of your visual performance and your music
Live performance
videos shot in front of a small audience
email to discuss price
Interviews or in the studio footage for your website
Simple mime to a track
Or Something more bespoke