W.T.F. is an E.P.K.?

EPK  EPK = An electronic press kit .

What should I put in my E.P.K.?

All the crucial skinny on your act or band that  a journo or radio producer would need.

An EPK usually takes the form of a website or e-mail, though they are also known to exist in CD and DVD form. (wikipedia)

You are going to need elements of your press kit every time you send out a promotional email or join a new online site.

  •  top Tip

    start a folder on your desktop called “promo” (er yes… for your promotional material)

put all your Biogs / photos/music files/ in that folder That way you don’t need to search around or start writing infro from scratch every time you are dealing with your music.

6 Essential Elements

1. Photo 
We are talking a proper professional picture here. Not a snap of you at a club, or round your mates house.
Make sure the photo really represents you

* Do you normally wear loads of make up ?

if not make sure the pics are natural.

* What are you trying to say about your act ..

are you
Sexy /Tough / intelligent/Arty /Indie/ Grimey ?
Find a visual idea that represents that.
Could be a cool location or

the way you are dressed

or the expression you have on your face.

You don’t have to smile or pout unless you want to..
If you are a band.

think up a good idea – this is part of your creative work and should be -well creative…

* Make the picture interesting – there are enuff pictures of four people leaning against a wall.

  • Tip have Hi res and lo res versions of your photos filed in your promo folder

Make sure you get full resolution versions from your photographer in the first place.

  • Tip.  This also applies to all other pictures  logos and any other graphics

You would need full resolution for print and lo resolution to email or for web.

do not email large photos to people as clogs up their space.

2. Description of your music

yup we all rage about this one –but get over it – a good one sentence description of your sound is crucial.
Brainstorm it with your bands or friends – once you have your “pitch” you can roll it out any time you are asked.
All you are after, is a snappy one liner, that makes someone say “I’d like to hear that” – or “Tell me more”

Rather than saying (top cliché) “we don’t dound like anyone else” or stumbling round with
” um er we’re kind of  RnB , but the guitarist is quite rocky and people have said I sound a bit like Bjork”
What about…

  1. Bastard lovechild of Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson
  2. Nufolkdubstep
  3. A flight of stairs falling down a flight of stairs – Idlewild described by Kitty Empire


3. Contact info

  • Tip. One main name or person to contact

Your website /myspace/email /mobile/managers number/facebook page/twitter etc.
This is a NO brainer but people forget ! make it easy for someone to get hold of you

4. Your music

No kidding this one is CRUCIAL !!!!

Direct  streaming versions or download links from your soundcloud  or my fave Bandcamp

  • Tip do not make people have to hunt for your info

             time and attention are in short supply.

Make sure you have some decently recorded quality material – there is no point in publicising musc that doesnt represent you well.
Tip put versions of tunes music folder i.e. full wav version – lo res to email and hi res MP3 to send to DJS.
Video links to your youtube and vimeo channels to see live shows and promos.

  • Tip you can edit a short piece of video with interviews /pictures /bits of live footage but using good quality music recorded in a studio . 

5. Gig info
Where have you gigged and where you are next performing.

Have you played somewhere cool ?

Have you supported a well known band?
(if this is going out to a venue you will also need a list of equipment/back line you use and equipment you need to perform)

6Your story/ Bio

This is your chance to catch someones attention

Also please note that people will often cut and paste this information- so make it fantastic
Keep it short – avoid referencing previous bands if they aren’t “known”
You can be funny – there are no rules.
And no one wants to know you started singing at a young age till you have a hit (and even then its not that interesting)
Any reviews or good quotes about you (obviously quotes need to be from radio Djs/famous bands/Journalists rather than your mum

You can also make your facebook page be your epk
or even better make a page on your website with all the info that you can direct people to.

7. Video 

embeded video and /or links to your you tube or vimeo  page.

as mentioned – above

Your video can contain music/performances /interviews/ animations, in other words it is a great medium for musos.

Still good idea to have printed material – for interested people to download and/or cut and paste.

as with all your social media it is important that when some one visits your face book or youtube page they dont find a deserted dead car park i.e. 0 likes/0 comments/0 visits 0 watches – you want a vibrant alive spce where it is obvious you and your music have got it going on.

If you need some help on making your dustbowl more inviting and getting more visitors….

check out the smart marketing workshops email felix@smartwomensrecordingclub.com to find out when the next one is rolling

If your E.P.K. is the shiz  post the addy below and we will shimmy over there pronto

felix x



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