WTF is latency

Latency is the very annoying delay between your sound going into your computer and coming out.
This causes a timing delay making it virtually impossible to perform a take.
Many DAW “Digital Audio Workstation.” Software packages have a way to compensate from wthin the program
To adjust latency in Abelton Live go to preference menu – audio and adjust the buffer size

picture of live

In Logic there is a dedicated low latency setting.
Go to preferences menu and select Audio – General .Find the low latency setting and turn it on – you can also experiment with buffer size in the Audio / devices  window.

The one sure fire workaround for this problem is to add a small mixing desk to your system – there are loads of reasonably priced mini desks available and loads going cheap on eBay everyday. Having a desk will allow you to monitor your ingoing signal. Make sure the output of the track you are recording is muted in your software or you will hear the signal twice. Once you have finished recording unmute the software track and listen back to your recording.

Set up for mixing desk.