Your End Product – PA mixes, mastering and backing up

Your End Product

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PA mixes, mastering and backing up
So you got your main stereo mix and it sounds great –
It is common practice to get two or more versions of a mix, for instance “vocal up “ and a “vocal down” version. Getting an alternative bounce of a mix doesn’t take long and can save a lot of time and heartache later.

Stem mixes can be useful i.e. separate stereo bounces of the main components (time consuming though !)
You may want a P.A. Mix, as in a version without vocals or with just backing vocals to perform live with.
Get a vocal only version to send out for remixes.

I know you paid attention earlier, and have budgeted time to do these versions!

Don’t expect the studio to do these in their own time ..
Mastering is the final process where your finished mixes are given a final polish and tweak,, before going to the manufacturer to be made into a CD.

Mastering is known as a “dark art” and done well, it can make a huge difference and make your songs sound richer, stronger, sit well together and louder.

If you are releasing your CD, I would suggest getting it mastered professionally.
Back up your session

Many bands have a nightmare story about going back to a studio to tweak a song that has got some interest, to find their session is long gone, lost or wiped.

So if you can, get a backup of your session. Get your own fire wire drive -they are very affordable.
“If you had a sign above every studio door saying ‘This Studio is a Musical Instrument’ it would make such a different approach to recording “
Brian Eno

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